Skyway, the Mont Blanc cable car 

The quality of gear reducers for winches is crucial to ensure peak performance and complete security of cable cars, chair lifts, cable ways, and cable railways. Gear reducers for Galbiati Group cable railways systems, with output torques from 80 kNm to over 900 kNm, are appreciated throughout the world and perfectly meet versatility and very low maintenance requirements.

A clear example of how the construction of a cable railway system is the result of innovative ideas, hard work and mechanical products quality is Skyway, the new Mont Blanc cable car. Living the experience of conquering a mountain and enjoying the breath-taking view from the summit is no longer only the prerogative of experienced climbers, thanks to this cable car which passes from 1,300 to 3,500 metres high in a quarter of an hour. In four minutes, Skyway reaches the first station at an altitude of 2,170 metres, Pavillon du Mont Fréty, from the Pontal d’Entrèves . Second and last stop: Punta Helbronner, the Eagle’s Nest. Skyway is a jewel of engineering, which cost 138 million Euro. The project was designed by Carlo Cillara Rossi. Two cabins with 80 seats carry 800 persons per hour in the first section and 600 in the second up to Helbronner, allowing passengers to enjoy all 360 degrees of the panorama, as the car is rotating and transparent (the design was inspired by ice crystals). It took four years to carry out these works and the operators worked harnessed as climbers at temperatures as low as twenty degrees below zero.

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