The Gotthard tunnel: the longest railway tunnel in the world

The new Gotthard tunnel will be opened to traffic in December 2016. This is the longest railway tunnel in the world (57 km long) which stretches from Erstfeld (north portal, in the canton of Uri) to Bodio (south portal, Canton Ticino). Among the main objectives of this project is to move much of the freight traffic that now runs in both directions along the ridge between southern Germany and northern Italy to the rail: from 220 to 260 freight trains will pass on the new line, compared to the current 140 to 160, and the annual capacity of freight transport will thus increase from 20 million tons to 50 million tons. Passenger trains (50 to 80 per day) will reach a maximum speed of 250 km per hour, with freight trains at 160 km/h. The new tunnel will help the development of the European, national and regional logistics market by linking important European production areas such as the Po Valley, Switzerland, the Rhine Valley, the Ruhr and the Benelux. You will be able to reach Zurich from Milan in less than three hours.

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One thought on “The Gotthard tunnel: the longest railway tunnel in the world

  1. Kultar S Sharma

    Indeed good job being done. December 2016 is approaching when the tunnel is expected to be operational.
    What is the diameter of tunnel and type of strata through which the tunnel is being excavated


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