A new company partnership shares the effort for wind turbines

Tesla joins Vestas to kickstart a partnership figuring out how to combine wind turbines and batteries during still air moments.

The partnership is part of a bigger global program run by Vestas. The collaboration between Tesla and Vestas in just one of about ten wind-farm battery projects that Vestas is currently experimenting; ever since the program started in 2012 with a project in Lem-Kaer, Denmark, testing how to combine wind turbines and batteries Vestas has never stopped. Notably, it installed a battery system at its site in Denmark and also has hybrid wind-solar or wind-solar-storage projects in Greece and Kenya, respectively.

In April, Vestas formally announced its added focus on energy storage as a way to get a competitive edge over the turbine-makers. More and more countries are investigating in offshore wind energy technology.

“The aim is exploring and testing how wind turbine and energy storage can work together” said Vestas; first of all the purpose is finding suitable energy solutions that can lower the cost of energy.

Vestas is plaining to commission additional projects worldwide next year with a potential product offering in 2019; the company is planning to develope commercial pilot projects next year in South Australia and Massachusetts. Plans are in the works to expand the number of these projects around the globe.

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