The biggest stainless steel sculpture of an elk in the world

A stainless steel sculpture – the world’s largest of an elk, built in 2015 – is made from highly polished 316 stainless steel and is designed to improve road safety. It costs over than 200,000 euro

The big stainless steel Elk, which was designed by Norwegian artist Linda Bakke, stands in a picnic area in Stor-Elvdal municipality midway between Oslo and Trondheim in Norway. Manufactured in China by Dry Art Ltd, the elk stands 10.3 meters high and is 11.5 meters long. You can see in on route E3: a 10 meter tall Elk statue, 30 centimeter higher than its Canadian counterpart, Mac the Moose.

The world’s largest sculpture of an elk is made from highly polished 316 stainless steel and is designed to improve road safety.

The landmark is intended to have several functions. The main role of the sculpture, apart from its being inherently beautiful, is to attract drivers attention and increase road safety. As an important reference point on the road between Oslo and Trondheim, the Elk invites drivers to stop and stretch their legs and rest, thereby combatting fatigue. The Big Elk has also focused attention on the animals and has become a regional symbol. Sparebanken Hedmark Art Fund provided 207,000 euro to produce the sculpture. Linda Bakke said that it was important that the elk was higher than Mac the Moose built in 1984 in the Saskatchewan city of Moose Jaw, Canada, constructed by the artist Don Fould that used a steel frame, covered with metal mesh and completed with four coats of cement.

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