New gas pipeline project that will cross Australia

Former premier Colin Barnett encourages the construction of a new transcontinental gas pipeline in Australia.

It will connect  WA (Western Australia) with the east coast and its industries in New South Wales and Victoria, allowing a new boom in resources and improving the distribution of gas throughout the country.
According to Barnett’s plans, the pipeline must be at least 3.000 km long and it could be up and running in just over a year. The transcontinental gas pipeline project would supply gas at cheaper prices than the current ones, while guaranteeing supply. Barnett states that this pipeline plan is comparable to the construction of the first terrestrial telegraph or to the first railway line across the continent!

Viganò International has been highly successful in the processing of steel used in pipelines and not only that: innovation and attention to detail are the strengths of the company, which specialises in the construction of lines and the revamping of machinery designed to ensure the highest standards of quality and productivity.

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