India: stainless steel train is coming in railways station

A new train model, called Train 18, cheaper and faster than Shatabdi Express, can be the right solution for Indian rail traffic.

Train 18 is a self-propelled semi-high speed train, completely “Made in India” by Integral Coach Factory (ICF) in Chennay. This train  is definitely the future of Indian Railways, it will travel at an average speed of 160 km/hour and will cost half of a train imported from another country. The Indian Railways intend to replace the high-speed premium trains Shatabdi Express with its first semi-high-speed train.

The train will have a stainless steel body, which will guarantee safety and comfort during the journey. In addition, the indoor environment will also be very comfortable thanks to continuous windows, diffused lighting and vacuum cleaning services.

The stainless steel railway industry continues to grow, thanks to the numerous advantages of using stainless steel.These include total weight reduction, high energy-absorption at impacts, an excellent level of fire resistance and low probability that stainless steel is weakened by corrosion.

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