The use of stainless steel in purification plants

In many parts of the world, the tendency to use stainless steel in waste water treatment plants increases.

The same characteristics of stainless steel make it a suitable material in the field of water purification. In fact, it is very resistant to corrosion, easy to clean, resistant and long lasting. For the selection of the type of stainless steel to be used, several factors must be considered, among these: the chloride content present in the water or the speed of water flow. Generally the types of stainless steels used are 304 and 316.
Within the purification plants, stainless steel finds application in various parts of the machinery: aeration systems, pipes of biogas recycling, valves and gate valves. 

Stainless steel leads higher initial costs, but will be offset by the high efficiency and durability of the purification plant. 

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