Stainless steel in medical and pharmaceutical applications

Due to its characteristics, the use of stainless steel is very common in the pharmaceutical and medical fields.

In the manufacture of medical and pharmaceutical devices, it is customary to use stainless steel for its high corrosion resistance, its low carbon content and its easy to operate and sanitize. Among the types of steel, the use of austenic stainless steel 304 is particularly indicated for medical applications.

It is known that the medical and pharmaceutical industries must meet very demanding criteria in the choice of materials.Therefore, stainless steel is regarded, all over the world, one of the most suitable materials for the manufacture of  medical devices for all types of medical applications, for hospitals and clinics. The properties of stainless steel 304 offer unique material characteristics, a competitive price and a material very resistant to bacteria. In addition, medical devices in stainless steel don’t chemically react with body tissue or with cleaning products used for medical sterilization.

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