Cable cars: a more and more popular transport system

The cable cars are becoming more and more popular worldwide. London, United Kingdom opened the Emirates Air Line in 2012 as it prepared to host the Olympics, New York City is planning the East River Skyway, and Haifa, Israel is preparing to build a four-kilometer network of cable cars to complement its existing public transport system. The reasons of this success are several: cable cars are more energy efficient than most transport systems and they contribute little to air pollution; although they carry fewer passengers an hour than subways, they cost ten times less, and the costs for users can be low too. Another advantage of this transport system is the easy of construction over steep terrain: many mountainous cities, where informal developments tend to be built on hilltops, bus-based public transit is often unreliable or unavailable to people living in those slums. In contrast, cable cars can glide effortlessly over these areas. Cable cars also open the door for wider engagement with marginalized urban communities: in Medellìn, Colombia, for example, the Metrocable has reduced transportation costs and increased access to employment for the city’s most disadvantaged groups.

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