Aluminium: a material widely used in transport applications

Viganò International produces complete cut to-length and slitting lines to process high resistant and large thickness materials. The company ensures the highest levels of quality in the processing of aluminium, material that is widely used in transport applications. From bikes to spaceships, many vehicles are made with aluminium. Light, strong and flexible, this metal is used in aerospace and aviation. It has proved indispensable also in the automotive sector: it is playing an ever more important role in modern cars, because of the need to reduce the overall weight of the vehicle and so the CO2 emissions. Also in rail transport aluminium plays an important role: high speed trains made from aluminium are used for example by France’s TGV high speed rail systems. Finally, aluminium is used in the ship building: yachts, boats, cutters as well as underwater craft.

Globally, transport accounts for a large share of aluminium consumption: 27%. This figure is bound to keep growing over the next few years.

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  2. Ntando

    Can I request to receive more information regarding the use aluminium in the manufacturing of vehicles and its application in the aerospace industry.


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