Why the food industry uses stainless steel?

Viganò International ensures the highest levels of quality and reliability in the processing of high resistant and large thickness materials. One of these materials processed by the Viganò International cut to-length and slitting lines is stainless steel. This is the material of choice for food industry around the world: it is used in contact with foodstuffs, in the construction of plants, machines and tools for the food industry and in the food distribution. What attributes make stainless steel so suitable? First and foremost its corrosion resistance: if there is no chemical reaction between the stainless steel and the food, not only will the material remain pristine but so will the food, untainted by metallic constituents or corrosion products. Stainless steel is tolerant of the wide range of temperatures frequently encountered in the production of foods, from cooking to freezing, and it resists thermal shock very well. Most importantly, the physical properties of stainless steel make it easy to construct from it plant which can process foods effectively and economically and to design with it equipment which can easily be cleaned and maintained, often without the need for dismantling.

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