Cement and design

Cement is a binder, a substance used in construction and it is used in a lot of industrial sector: it has many characteristics for example as being hydraulic or non-hydraulic, there are a lot of types of cement and now the cement industry is taking action to incorporate and optimize recycling materials, reducing consumption of natural raw materials, water and energy.

The potential cement applications are many, and even a design company is using this material to create a real furnishing accessory. A Spanish company has created the cement rolls: a cement so flexible and lightweight to become even rolled up, a concrete tissue that upholster dry walls and furniture. The company commercial director said that cement rolls combine the versatility of finishes signing with a simple installation.

Galbiati Group manufactures the main and auxiliary gears drives for mills and kilns for cement industry. For more information visit the website  www.galbiatigroup.it.

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