Supersteel like bones

Bridges much stronger thank to laminated structures

The most of the bridges’ cracks are dued to the weakness of metal structural parts because of several stress: for example, heating or cooling cycles.

These stresses don’t cause immediate damages but they generate microfractures which, if continuously strained, can expand themselves, weakening the structure and increasing the risk of cracks.

In order to avoid these problems, researchers have been inspired to the typical bones’ laminated structure, which allows them to be light and resistant to repeated mechanical stresses, at the same time. These structures ensure that bone resists the propagation of cracks in any one direction.

In this way it is possible to create safer bridges with low prices. This is the “supersteel” which imitates bones! And it is also useful to build trains, electrical plants, airplanes and spacecraft.

In steel architecture is widely used materials processed by the Viganò International cutting and slittening lines: these machines can process even high strength and thick materials. For further information visit

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