TBMs also have traditions!

Every single one of Tunnel Boring Machines has a traditionally female name.
It is a tradition, dating back to the 1500s when miners prayed to Saint Barbara to protect them from the dangers underground.

During the third Century in Turkey, Barbara was brutally executed by her father because she secretly converted to Christianity. God, as punishment, struck her father with a blast of lightning, hence the association with explosives and flashes of light in underground darkness.

Nowadays, the tradition is continuing. Infact there’s a competition, until Dec. 1, to name a new tunneling machine which it will create the Crenshaw Line in Los Angeles. Naturally, a female name!

Galbiati Group builds TBM components such as planetary gearboxes, bearing supports, erectors. The company has recently realized one 4 ton-segment erector for a Tunnel Boring Machine designed for a excavation project. For more information visit the website www.galbiatigroup.it.


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