Welcome to CHIME: a radio telescope that reaches the sounds of universe.

Canada has developed CHIME, an extraordinarily powerful radio telescope in order to start mapping the universe.

This brand new radio telescope, the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment or CHIME, took seven years of hard work, but now it’s ready!

This new radio telescope looks like a collection of four 100 meter-long skateboarding halfpipes, but the brand new radio telescope isn’t made for anybody to skate on; we’re talking about a big effort shared by 50 Canadian scientists from four of the best Canadian Universities.

CHIME is a totally breakthrough for science because it could help scientists learn more about the history of the cosmos; mapping it, creating and updating a massive 3D map of space.

Therefore we can learn more about radio bursts from pulsar and gravitational waves, the ripples in spacetime finally.

The aim of this extraordinary device is picking up signals from the universe passing through the gathering of one terabyte of information per second: all day, every day.

Its primary goal will be the measuring of the acceleration of the universe’s expansion; a properly measurement of it, will help the scientists figure out what causes it.

What we expect in the next future from CHIME is to go further our understanding of the mysterious dark energy that drives that expansion ever faster; this radio telescope could be the turning point in order to understand this deep mystery; furthermore, we can understand how the universe began and what lies ahead!

The scientists of this utter project are hoping that one day, with these data, they will have confirmation if dark energy truly exists; so, let’s think bigger!

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