Egyptian cement industry: now more sustainable

For the Egyptian cement industry starts a new sustainability way and a low-carbon roadmap.

The reason of this change of way is that until 2014, Egyptian cement industry used state-subsidised natural gas and heavy fuell oil. Now, that subsidy is decreased, and using natural gas and heavy fuel is no more favorable.

The new law of 2015, environmentally friendly, agrees to Egyptian cement companies to use coal and petcoke, but only with particular attention on limiting COemissions.

There are a lot of technologies dedicated to reducing emissions but they cannot be applied immediately.

There are some solutions with results immediately tangible to reduce COemissions, such as alternative fuels, energy performance improvement, clinker content reduction and recycling.

In agreement with the need of a guideline, was elaborated “a Low-Carbon Roadmap for the Egyptian Cement Industry” by South Pole Group and Cementis in Zurich, for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency, the Chamber of Building Materials Industries – Cement Industry Division and in collaboration with the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Cement Sustainability Initiative.

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