Cable car in new Oxford plan

It’s impossible build more roads in Oxford, because of the constraining by buildings, so cable car would be cheaper than trams and could take people to Oxford’s main hospital. The idea has received backing from Oxfordshire County Council leader who told BBC Radio Oxford it should be looked at. Now they are looking for new ideas to tackle congestion even if it might seem “off the wall”.

No costs have to be and it is not known what route a cable car could take. The idea will be put “into the mix” so transport planners could see where it might make a difference. It is not the first time unusual ideas have been floated to ease congestion in Oxford. In 2015, councillors approved plans for a £1bn network of traffic tunnels. Oxfordshire County Council wanted to look at different forms of transport for key routes into Oxford and were ready to think “outside the box”. In 2015 The county council was clear something had to be done to relieve congestion on Oxfordshire’s roads. When this new idea will be in an official plan, it can start trying to get government money to turn at least some of them into reality. But not now the plan have to be approved yet.

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