The future of the Earth Moving Equipment market

A recent market study underlines how the future of the Earth Moving Equipment market will have a significant increase during 2017-2025.

The earthmoving machinery market is estimated to gain 90 basis points between 2017 and 2025.  In this period, it is expected that the earthmoving machinery market will be dominated by the Chinese market which remains the largest market for wheeled loaders. In according with this study, the main segment will be that of crawler, wheeled and compact loaders, due to the growing demand from the construction industry in Asia Pacific.

The reasons that make the market of earth-moving machines increasingly required are many, and reflect the characteristics of our era: the rise in urbanization and the development of large-scale infrastructure projects (such as railways, roads, dams and highways). These projects are obviously increasing the demand and the use of the tracked, rubberized and compact loaders.
The tracked, wheeled and compact loaders sector retains their market role without any great variations, and are still used mainly in mining, construction, agriculture and forestry.

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