Rubber applications in the aerospace industry

The products of the rubber industry find applications in many industrial sectors, such as in the aerospace industry, thanks to the high performance of the rubber.

Rubber products have the ability to resist to extreme temperatures and to aerospace fluids such as engine lubrication oils, hydraulic fluids, jet fuels, oxidizers and rocket propellants. So the rubber material is particularly suitable to be component for various applications related to aerospace and aviation such as:

  • Auxiliary power units
  • Hydraulic actuators
  • Aviation gas turbine engines
  • O-rings used in connectors, pumps, valves and oil reservoirs
  • Bleed air valves and fittings
  • Firewall seals
  • Hose for hot engine lubricants
  • Radial lip seals used in pumps
  • silicone vacuum bags,
  • compaction bags,
  • silicone sheet fluoroelastomer,
  • tool sealant.

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