Santo Domingo will get the cable car

The innovative urban project will increase the public transport service, considering that 83% of the city’s population moves by public transport.

The cable car will have a five kilometers route through the Ozama River territory and will connect the Santo Domingo North and Santo Domingo South municipalities. According to the project the first section of the cable car system will start operating from May 2018. At the end of the works the cable car will include 215 cars and 36 towers. Each cabin will carry up to 10 people and will transport about 3,000 passengers every hour. The Teleferico de Santo Domingo can reduce the average travel time by 20 minute. It will contribute little to air pollution and will reduce a lot the traffic congestion in the Caribbean region.

Galbiati Group is an Italian company internationally-recognized for the quality of its mechanical engineering and constructions. Discover the Galbiati Group winch drives for cable-car industry (for cable railways, cable ways, cable cars, and chairlifts)!



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