Stainless steel in great artistic installations

The use of stainless steel has a great demand in the manufacture of large sculptures, great artistic installations and city monuments.

Let’s look at some examples of the use of stainless steel in the largest artistic installations in Beijing.

  • Water fountain wall: it’s a great stainless steel wall fountain of 3 meters high and 15 meters long, enriched with decorative inserts.
  • Mirror of Future: is a huge mirror sculpture in stainless steel 304. The panel is 25*6 meters with a perfectly polished mirror surface.
  • The large locust tree sculpture is housed in a Theme Museum. It’s 25 meters high and is entirely composed of stainless steel.
  • Dreamboat sculpture: is a new contemporary sculpture entirely built in stainless steel. It is 50 meters long and it was realized on the occasion of the Youth Olympic Games Nanjing 2014.
  • Mirror stainless steel urban sculpture – stainless steel is also used as a material for contemporary urban sculpture. The great installation in stainless steel 304 and featured by a polished mirror surface, has been located in a shopping mall.

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