Wind energy: overview on the global market

According to a recent study by Wind energy association WindEurope, the wind energy industry is a constantly growing sector.

Only in 2017, the global wind industry increased its production capacity of 52.6 GW, bringing the world total to 539.581 GW. Regarding the major world powers, it can be noted that the wind energy industry is generally growing. In the middle of 2017, the European Union has a wind production capacity of 159.5 GW and the U.S.A is around the 89 GW of wind power installed. In the Asian continent, wind farms have a production capacity of 2.8 MW of turbine orders. Remarkable is the case of the Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic Winter Games that were entirely powered by Wind power generators! The renewable energy provided by the wind shows a mature industry, competing successfully with traditional energy forms.

Galbiati Group performs custom mechanical processing for the production of wind energy plants worldwide: boring, milling and drilling of components for wind turbines (frames, blade port hubs, rotors and stators).

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