Still without a name… Fort Wayne Tunnel Boring Machine

It’s tradition to choose a name for the “important worker” of tunnel construction: the Tunnel Boring Machine!

An online survey is in progress to choose the name of the Tunnel Boring Machine that this summer will arrive in Fort Wayne. The machine will serve in a massive underground project: a 5 mile long rock tunnel, more than 200 feet underground, that will help to improve the quality of local rivers. The TBM, still without a name, presents 20 feet in diameter and 400 feet in lenght.

Here are the finalist names, which will be the most voted?

  • Buster or Bedrock Buster: The machine digs deep underground and while digging, the machine “busts” through bedrock.
  • Daisy or Daisy the Digger: During World War II, Fort Wayne’s professional women’s baseball team was named the Daisies. This name honors the groundbreaking role of the Daisies, who helped pave the way for women’s professional sports.
  • MaMaJo: A tribute to Fort Wayne’s three rivers, Ma from Mary, Ma from Maumee and Jo from St. Joe. The tunnel will help protect Fort Wayne’s rivers.
  • Wayne the Worm: This combines the name of the city and the purpose of the machine, which is to dig the tunnel in bedrock just like a worm would dig a tunnel in the earth.

Galbiati Group builds TBM components such as planetary gearboxes, bearing supports, erectors. The company has recently realized one 4 ton-segment erector for a Tunnel Boring Machine designed for a excavation project. For more information visit the website


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