Rubber Use in the Chemical Industry

This type of industry includes the production of petrochemicals, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, polymers, paints, and oleo chemicals.

It is involved in the processing of raw materials obtained by mining, agriculture among other supply sources, into materials, substances, chemical compounds that are finished products or are used in other industries.

There are a lot of varieties of rubber products manufactured for a full range of Chemical Metering and Dispensing Equipment Applications. Besides the rubber products, rubber is itself used in various chemical processes. In practically all chemical plants, there are some process or reaction in which a corrosive reagent is used or produced.

Hard rubber of suitable compound is chemically inert to a high degree and is used in connection with a great many corrosive materials. Essentially, hard rubber is rubber compounded with a relatively high percentage of sulfur.

Galbiati Group has successfully realized four rubber mixer drives for tire manufacturing (roll mixing millsfor an important internationally recognized group.

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