Does stainless steel improve modern day life?

What are the real benefits to use stainless steel?

Stainless steel products enable us to lead a healthier life and are cleaner for the environment as well.

Below you can find some examples where stainless steel is used in a beneficial way:

  1. Improvement to air quality: the effect of increased levels of “greenhouse gases” on climate change is maybe the most debated example although pollutants which cause “acid rain” are also worth noting. New catalytics converters use stainless steel fo the holding and transportation of catalytics substance. The stainless steel converters help to decrease pollution on motor vehicles, generator sets, forklifts, mining equipment, trucks, buses and trains, etc.
  2. Newer versions of diesel filters can consist of up to 90% stainless steel and they are able to filter out 95% of black smoke and 85% of soot particles from the gas produced. Stainless steel excellent temperature resistance, manufacturability and economic properties make it the best option for the filter.

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