Stainless steel and its applications in medicine

Recent studies have underlined the advantages due to the diffusion of stainless steel inside hospitals.

Always more often, stainless steel equipments are present in our hospital facilities. And it is not a case.

Thanks to a recent discovery (due to a Spanish scientist), stainless steel applications in hospital could increase… With this new solution, scientists have developed a way to modify the surface of the stainless steel by creating a set of pores at the nanoscale and consequently to increase control of bacterial infections in hospitals.

This new way in fact, could be a tool to fight against the spread of bacteria in hospital environments. From now on, everything that is made of stainless steel in hospitals, for example door handles, instruments or operating tables, will must be treated in this way.

Stainless steel has just mostly used in surgical medicine, where it is used as the main material of the various medical instruments. For example, stainless steel can find applications in these medical equipments:

  • coronary stents,
  • hip prosthesis stems,
  • intervertebral disc replacement prostheses,
  • scalpel, forceps and operating tables.

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