A Galbiati Group’s great collaboration for the DG Turkey telescope’s creation

Galbiati Group has collaborated with EIE Group, ISIK UNIVERSITY, the Turkish university body, and AMOS company for the creation of a 4,400 mm diameter telescope.

The production and the construction of the new 4 meter telescope is for the Eastern Anatolian Observation in Turkey. This project was called DAG (Dogu Anadolu Gözlemevi, Turkish Eastern Anatolia Observatory), and it was entirely funded by the Turkish Ministry of Development and by the Atatürk University of Astrophysics Research Telescope – ATASAM.

With DAG telescope, Turkey has produced the major project of operating telescope in the country: DAG telescope allows Turkey to position itself among the main nations operating in astrophysics. The project has many objectives such as studies of cosmology, studies of galaxies, understanding the formation of the stars, ect.

The telescope will be installed at an altitude of 3,170 m on the Erzurum plateau, in eastern Anatolia, it will be the greatest telescope in Turkey and, incidentally, in the Asian continent. It is equipped with a focal length of 56 m and a 4 meter mirror and is capable of receiving both visible and infrared wavelengths.

Galbiati Group in collaboration with EIE GROUP, which was mainly involved in the designed of the entire telescope structure and then of the on-site installation , has placed the greatest attention to all the operations for the construction of the telescope, at the Oggiono workshop, and the collaboration with the managers of AMOS and ISIK UNIVERSITY.

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