A French earthmoving equipment overview

Good news for the French earthmoving equipment market.

According to CISMA (the French association of equipment manufactures of construction) 2018 was the best year since the market crash of 2008. Sales of earthmoving equipment in France grew by 2% in 2018 compared to 2017, and for this reason French earthmoving equipment market remained the third biggest market in Europe.

Growth in equipment sales for 2018 was found to have been driven by wheeled loaders, wheeled excavators, crawler excavator.

CISMA reported that the growth of the civil engineering sector should remain high thanks to the investments of local authorities, the IT infrastructure plan for high-speed networks, the renovation of the rail network.

Materials processed by the Viganò International cutting and slittening lines are largely used for the construction of earthmoving machinery: for further information visit www.vigano.international.

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