A new radio telescope for Magdalena Ridge Obsetvatory

In collaboration with EIE GROUP, Galbiati Group has recently manufactured a UTE (Unit Telescope Enclosure) radio telescope with final destination New Mexico.

UTE is inside a big project, called MRO -Magdalena Ridge Observatory-, an astronomical and research observatory located in the province of Socorro, New Mexico, in the Magdalena mountains.

The MRO project includes the presence of 10 radio telescopes with mirror, having 1.4 diameter, able to make images of astronomical objects even more detailed. MRO radio telescope will be able to capture images of celestial bodies with a resolution equal to 100 times the existing one, and will be able to register astronomical object much faster than all other observers now existing.

UTE houses 1 radiotelescope, and each UTE can be lifted and moved to any of the 28 stations planned through a dedicated relocation system.

Galbiati Group took carried out the construction of the UTE radio telescope, in steel structure and rectangular shape, strong enough to support the weight of the radio telescope frame during its relocation.

Galbiati Group, leader in the construction of large sized precision machines and plants, works successfully in the astronomy sector manufacturing mechanical components for satellite dishes and radio telescopes. Discover more about the company!

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