Galbiati Group and Industry 4.0

In order to improve production and boost output Galbiati Group has chosen to make the qualitative leap towards Industry 4.0.

Galbiati Group has decided to launch an integrated industry 4.0 oriented project, in fact the company is planning to create a “4.0 laboratory”, which will be equipped with three state-of-the-art PAMA chip removal machines.

The arrival of these 3 new machines tools for high precision contract machining will allow Galbiati to create a “smart factory”, focusing on Simulation between interconnected machines to optimise processes, on multidirectional communication between manufacturing processes and products, and on the analysis of a large database ( Big Data and Analytics) to optimise products and manufacturing processes.

By the introduction of these machines is going to achieve more goals in the contract machining field: more flexibility, higher speed from prototype to mass production, increased productivity, higher quality and fewer rejects thanks to sensors that monitor production in real time.

Galbiati group is proud to communicate its evolution in Industry 4.0 field, specialized in mechanical engineering and construction since 1962, Galbaiti Group is successful in all markets that require high standard precision component and machines. For more technical information click here.


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