Galbiati Group: the customer at the centre

Galbiati group has been collaborating with leading companies, providing third-party mechanical machining, also in ceramic industry field.

For all companies operating in design of machines and systems for the ceramic, Galbiati Group is an excellent business partner, offering a high level of experience.

In order to build customer loyalty Galbiati had to think in terms of optimization of the production cycle, through a careful and rational planning of the machining cycle, that has allowed to increase its productivity and competitiveness.

Galbiati Group is able to distinguish itself for its flexibility towards the costumer, to understand its needs and meet them fully, optimizing its machining cycle in such a way as to increase its productivity.

Galbiati group is proud to communicate its evolution in Industry 4.0 field, specialized in mechanical engineering and construction since 1962, Galbaiti Group is successful in all markets that require high standard precision component and machines. For more technical information click here.


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