Kenya: the first nuclear power plant

Kenya is going to have its first power plant, commissioned by 2027.

One of the most difficult challenge for the project’s realization is the lack of skilled personnel in this field: it seems that through Kenya Nuclear Energy Board, the Energy Ministery has been training some of its personnel in Korea.

Also the University of Nairobi is working to train local professionals in order to cut down the the cost of Korean training. The Ministry has sponsored 15 students to pursue Masters degree in nuclear power and related studies at UoN.

In the last six years a team of experts has conducted researchs in 26 countries to establish the most appropriate location for the inaugural nuclear power plant.

The deadline for the first plant is 2017, Kenya joins other African countries such as Ghana, Nigeria, Algeria, and Uganda in the quest for nuclear energy. Last year Sudan entered into an agreement with Russia to build a nuclear plant for peaceful purposes starting mid of this year.

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