The ASTRI radio telescope starts its activity!

Galbiati Group has completely realized the mechanical construction of the ASTRI radio telescope (Mirror Astrophysics and Italian Replicating Technology) ASTRI SST-2M at the Catania Astronomical Observatory. ASTRI is the new prototype of a new type of telescope that will built the project called Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) and will be used for functional tests and scientific calibrations.

During the construction phase were used mobile precision measuring instruments and all the production capacities of the Oggiono mechanical workshops equipment the company has availed of. The raw materials, in particular steel, were used for the construction of the parabolic antenna rails, from which the bending operations and the subsequent mechanical processing to achieve the required high precision were followed. The azimuthal rotation wheels and axis of the antenna were made in the Galbiati workshops, using the most modern steels to increase the surface hardness, and to guarantee greater durability and reduced wear over time. Galbiati Group has entirely realized the rails, the carts and all the mechanical details of which the radio telescope structure is composed.

The ASTRI radio telescope, the first prototype of the 70’s line of the CTA project, will provide three-dimensional images with higher resolution. The CTA project, led by a Consortium of scientific institutions belonging to more than 20 countries and funded by the European Commission, will be the most powerful and flexible gamma ray observatory with E> 30 GeV energy, never built before. It provides for the construction of two observatories, placed one in the northern hemisphere and one in the southern hemisphere, made in turn by a group of telescopes. At the center there will be some large telescopes with a diameter of 23 meters, surrounded by dozens of medium telescopes (diameter 12 meters). The observatory in the southern hemisphere will also have many dozens of small telescopes with a diameter of 4 meters each.

Galbiati Group, leader in the construction of large sized precision machines and plants, works successfully in the astronomy sector manufacturing mechanical components for satellite dishes and radio telescopes. Discover more about the company!

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