Tunnel Boring Machine – Hiroshima Project

Galbiati Group has designed and built the largest segment erector, it has a maximum capacity of 9,7 tons, intended for a Tunnel Boring Machine that will be used for an important project called “Hiroshima Project” in Japan.

The TBM for which the erector has been built, with a 13,2 meter diameter cutter head, will have the task for creating a tunnel for the construction of lane 5 of the Hiroshima expressway in Japan.

Galbiati Group started with the mechanical machining of 4 sector that, assembled, make up the rotating ring of the erector with a diameter of 13.5 meters. Given the size and weight, the rotating ring of the erector made assembly operations difficult, so that is has not been possible to position the erector vertically.

The erector in question is equipped with a mechanical segment pick-up unit.

Erector technical data:

  • Translating speed = 100 mm/sec
  • Rotational speed = 1.5 rpm
  • Maximum load capacity = 9,700 kg (segment)
  • Total weight = 75,900 Kg
  • Intrados diameter = 12,200 mm

Watch the video of erector assembling:


Galbiati Group builds TBM components such as planetary gearboxes, bearing supports, erectors. The company has recently realized 4 ton-segment erector for a Tunnel Boring Machine designed for an excavation project. For more information visit the website www.galbiatigroup.it.

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