Construction of pinion stand mill drive for hot rolling mill

The Galbiati Group recently built a large pinion stand drive mill drive (Main Drive) as part of a revamp carried out on an existing hot rolling mill at Mariupol, Ukraine.

The Pinion stand mill drive (Main drive) is fitted with high quality roller bearings mounted in metal cages ideally suited to the specified speeds of rotation.

After sandblasting operation, the housing was painted and treated with epoxy primer, then coated internally with an oil-resistant paint, and externally with a finish colour as illustrated in the photographs below.

Pinion stand drive technical data:

  • Overall weight = 63 tonnes;
  • Length = 5.800 mm;
  • Height = 3.117 mm;
  • Power = 7000 kW at 200 rpm;
  • Centre distance = 690 mm.

All machined parts of the Pinion stand mill drive (Main drive) are treated with Tectyl to guard against corrosion. The unit is suitably protected and packed in a wooden crate ready for shipment by sea.

Individual components of Pinion stand mill drive (Main drive) are inspected to determine wear and deformation. Non-destructive tests, are conducted by skilled and experienced technicians, using high-precision instruments and a ZEISS MMZ-G 30 60 25 three dimension measuring machine.

Once completed the Pinion stand mill drive (Main drive), a full-speed running test is performed. Temperatures, noise levels, and vibrations are continuously measured and properly recorded.

The following video shows the Pinion stand mill drive during test procedures, and fully assembled in the dedicated area of the Galbiati workshop.


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