Galbiati Group and its activity of reconditioning of gear reducers

The Galbiati Group recently undertook a project to recondition two gear reducers for screw down drives installed in an old plant operating at Mariupol in the Ukraine.

The engineering was entrusted to renowned industry leader Primetals Linz, whilst the machines themselves are the property of end customer Metinvest Engineering LLC, also located in the Ukraine at Dnipropetrovsk.

The reconditioning operation concerns a pair of gear reducers coupled to screw down drives 2X, 100 KW at 670/42 rpm, in an assembly weighing 18 tons overall, which includes the support frame, auxiliaries, brakes, auxiliary geared motors, etc. The gear reducers consist in two symmetrical components of around 9000 kg each.

Once completed, a full-speed running test is performed. Temperatures, noise levels, and vibrations are continuously measured and properly recorded.

A “Certification File” is issued for each drive, which contains the materials and inspection certificates as well as all intermediate and final inspection drive report.

For more details click here or visit the company website.

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