First offshore wind farm in Australia

It’s beginning an exportation activity of the resources for an offshore wind farm about 8/13 kilometers off the Gippsland coast in Victoria, Australia.

The Australian first offshore wind farm will built 250 wind turbines that could generate up to 20 percent of Victoria’s electricity needs and feed the power into the National Electricity market via an underground cable to the Latrobe Valley. The project is expected to avoid as many as 10.5 millions tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually and to power up 1.2 million homes. It could create up 12.000 manufacturing and construction jobs.

The Maritime Union of Australia has welcomed the government’s approval.

Galbiati Group performs custom mechanical processing for the production of wind energy plants worldwide: boring, milling and drilling of components for wind turbines (frames, blade port hubs, rotors and stators).

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