Investments in steel industry

A Turkish big company has planned a $1 billion investment in steel industry.

Turkey’s largest integrated steelmaker, aims to boost the use of local resources in production, steel production capacity and efficiency. This initiative is to improve the use of current technology and strengthen backward integration and to increase competitive power with the new projects.

The $1 billion investments to be made include 800,000 tons per year in a coke production plant, a 5 million tons per year sinter production plant investment, a new blast furnace, the renovation and modernization of a steel house, the modernization of a port and the modernization of production lines in the automotive industry according to Industry 4.0.

Galbiati Group is a Company leader in the steel field: the Mechanical Machining and Construction Division and the Gear Reducers Division make Galbiati Group the ideal partner qualified for mechanical transmissions for steel industry and for customized construction of mid and large-sized components that require high quality standards.

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