A new editorial for Galbiati Group!

Galbiati Group is internationally recognized: specialized in machining large-sized components, the group operates successfully in all those sectors that require mechanical parts and machinery with high technological content.

On the number 116 of Vivere magazine, entirely dedicated to the theme “Businesses & Innovation” there is an article that contains a description of one of our latest achievements: a large rolling cage control gearbox, designed entirely by Galbiati Group in collaboration with Primetals Linz.

The company is divided into 5 divisions: mechanical machining, gear reducers, engineering and construction of mechanical machines, deep hole drilling machines and presses.

Another Galbiati Group‘s strenght is the attention to the technical skills and the collaborators’ training, in fact the company has a very low turnover. For Galbiati Group the Engineering Department is a flagship, a pool of engineer, technicians, and designers with specific experience in several fields and sectors.


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