The second highest cable car in the world

Two developers have showed the environment impact of the cable car’s project in Gosainkunda, Rasuwa, in Nepal.

The project will see its upper terminal being built 4,200 metres above sea level, and the 9.4 kilometre-long. Gosainkunda cable car project’s upper terminal was recommended at an altitude of 4,205 m.

Its base station is situated at 3,617m, reaching up to its incline station at 4,843m above sea level. Because of the high altitude, cabins are equipped with oxygen bottles in order to provide passengers with sufficient air supply if necessary.

Gosainkunda is one of the sacred alpine freshwater lakes in Nepal. Thousands of devotees from Nepal and India visit this lake every year to pay homage to the Hindu God and Goddess Shiva and Gauri respectively on the special occasion of Janai Purnima.

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