A prestigious clinic to build proton therapy facility on Florida campus

The Mayo Clinic will build a $233 million integrated oncology facility on its Florida campus, set to include proton beam therapy. This clinic has already introduced proton beam therapy in other campus, in particular in Minnesota and Arizona.

The facility, large 140,000 square feet, is expected to be completed in late 2023. Mayo Clinic said the ability to offer proton beam therapy in its integrated oncology facility will make the nonprofit hospital and its Florida  campus in particular more competitive with other leading cancer centers.

The proton therapy in cancer treatment is designed to deliver radiation therapy to deliver radiation therapy more precisely, sparing healthy tissue, with lower doses of radiation than traditional radiotherapy, reducing toxicity and side effects in patients.

Galbiati Group is an Italian company, internationally-recognized for the quality of its machining, mechanical engineering and construction. Is active also in the medical sector with its high standard in quality.

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