Cambridge researchers and SKA, the biggest radio telescope in the world

Cambridge Researchers have completed designing the Square Kilometer Array(SKA)’s “brain”, the biggest radio telescope in the world. This radio telescope will allow astronomers to supervise the sky in extraordinary details and in a quicker way.

In 5 years the researchers realized 1 of 2 supercomputers that will run the massive amounts of data gathered by the SKA’s telescopes.

The elements that will collectively shape SKA’s “brain” are designed by the Science Data Processor consortium, directed by the University of Cambridge, the UK. The Science Data Processor is the 2nd processing phase for the masses of digitized astronomical signals gathered by the receivers of the telescope.

The responsibility of the organization was to intend the computing hardware platforms, algorithms, and software required to run the science data from the CSP (Central Signal Processor) into science data products.

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