The cement industry growth

In Bangladesh, the consumption of cement is growing because is one of the key construction materials and in the country is growing urbanization, real estate business, and large-scale development project of the government.

According to Bangladesh Cement Manufactures Association (BBCMA), cement sale was the highest with 33 millions tons in 2018, up from 29 million tons in 2017. Data has also shown that the consumption of cement across the country posted an average growth of 10-15% in the last 10 years.

On Field Investment Research (OFIR), the first independent research organization dedicated to Global Building Materials, based in London, says that the global demand for cement declined by 2,8% in 2018, while Bangladesh posted a 12% growth in the year.

The local companies are also increasing their capacity. According to MI Cement, the company is set to increase its production by 76% by 2021, taking the current production of 11,000 tons per day to 19,400 tons.

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