Medicina Radio Observatory and its Northern Cross Radio Telescope

The Medicina Radio Observatory is an astronomical observatory located 30 km from Bologna, Italy.

The Northern Cross Telescope is a cylindrical-parabolic transit radio telescope for observing at 408MHz. This radio telescope is one of the world’s biggest transit radio telescopes and its construction started in 1960 and was completed in 1967. It is composed by two series of antennas: one is oriented from East to West, while the second one develops in the North to South direction.

Designed as a transit telescope, it is steerable only in Declination, in fact it can observe celestial radio sources only when they cross the local meridian.

The 32 m parabolic antenna is employed both for single dish observations and for interferometry. In interferometry it works together with the other EVN (European Very Long Baseline Interferometry Network) antennas, installed all over Europe, in order to produce very high resolution images, which are quite for detailed radio sources studies. The astronomical interferometric observations are used for geodynamic studies.

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