Galbiati Group, the Italian company specialized in machining, mechanical engineering and construction

Galbiati Group is an Italian company, internationally-recognized for the quality of its machining, mechanical engineering and construction. Specialized in machining large-sized components since 1962, Galbiati Group is successful in all markets that require high standard precision components and machines. The Group primarily serves the steel (stainless steel tubes, stainless steel sheets), energy, astronomy, power transmission, and general engineering industries.

Good reasons to choose Galbiati Group:

  • From machining, to engineering, manufacturing and revamping of machines, the Galbiati Group has made flexibility and quality its strenght.
  • Galbiati Group is one of the few Italian companies capable of inspecting and certifying its own parts using the ZEISS MMZ-G 30 60 25 three-dimensional measuring machine.
  • The wide-ranging know-how acquired over decades of working side-by-side with major industrial groups combined with significant investments in equipment and technology, have led the Group to establish five divisions: mechanical machining and construction, gear reducers, engineering and construction of mechanical machines, deep hole drilling machines, presses.
  • Galbiati Group boasts a very low staff turnover. The high professionality acquired in the field is accompanied by the continuous training of the personnel, necessary to face the challenges of a constantly evolving world of work.

Galbiati Group has been present on the international markets for years. For obvious reasons, the Mechanical Machining and Construction division operates mainly in European countries – whereas the other 4 divisions, instead, make popular the Galbiati brand in the various continents.

The Galbiati Group’s quality

Quality is the result of an organizational / production process, optimized and controlled at every stage, this has allowed Galbiati Group to obtain the certification of its Quality System at the beginning of 1997 in reference to the standard UNI EN ISO 9002, version 1994, which accredited it as the only company qualified as a material manufacturer, installer and service provider.

Afterwards, in 2002, the Company adapted its own structure as shown in the standard update UNI EN ISO 9001, version of 2000, which introduced for the first time the “Process Approach” concept, enabling the company to become a supplier able to deliver products that fully comply with the requirements of the customer, and thus improving customer satisfaction.

Finally in 2009, the Company designed, built and improved its internal processes with respect to the requirements for standard UNI EN ISO 9001, version of 2008, which further clarifies the concept of “processes” listed in the previous UNI EN ISO 9001 version of 2000: The company must determine the processes needed for the Quality Management System, elaborating the sequence, the application, the interaction and ensuring continuous improvement, in order to improve customer satisfaction.

Galbiati Group has implemented in its quality system the transition from the UNI EN ISO 9001- EDITION 2008, where the concept of controlled processes was enunciated, to the new UNI EN ISO 9001- EDITION 2015, that introduces risk analysis concepts.


This is the list of the certificates relevant to the implementation of processes and activities in reference to specific regulations:

  • Certification of Quality Management System:
    Rule of reference UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 issued by TUV recognized by ACCREDIA
  • Qualifications to perform non-destructive testing: CND performance in reference to the requirements of the standard ISO 9712 with staff qualifications certified by CICPND, ACCREDIA recognized and valid for testing:
    – Ultrasonic Test – UT
    – Magnetic Test – MT
    – Dye Penetrant Test – PT
    – Visual Test – VT
  • Qualifications to perform non-destructive testing: CND performance in reference to the Recommended Practice no. SNT-TC-1A with staff qualifications certified by CND valid for testing:
    – Ultrasonic Test – UT
    – Magnetic Test – MT
    – Dye Penetrant Test – PT
    – Visual Test – VT

To ensure the highest quality, the management of production processes is essential in the critical transit of the company’s manufactured products and in particular:

  • Incoming inspection: Incoming materials are inspected to evaluate their compliance with the specifications.
  • In-process inspection: Products undergo constant testing during machining and assembly.
  • Final inspection of all machined products: Inspection according to the regulations outlined in international standards and in line with all customer specifications.

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