Bangladesh Cement Industry: the domestic cement market growing by 10%

Bangladesh’s cement industry shows a double-digit growth in 2019: in fact the domestic cement market growing by 10%.

Bangladesh’s cement sector at this point in time is efficient and productive enough to contribute to the country’s export basket after satisfying growing local demand. Currently 14 cement companies are involved in exporting their products. They have, in a number od instance, outstripped foreign companies in market competition.

In 1990s, when the local market of cement was small, around 95 percent of demand was met through imports, according to data available from the Bangladesh Cement Manufactureres Association. At present, 86 percent of the cement that the country needs is being produced locally.

In the last seven years the production capacity of the local cement companies increased by 131 percent, while demand rose by 106 percent. At the end of 2018, the production capacity stood at 5.80 crore tonnes, while the demand rose to as much as 3.10 crore tonnes.

Of the locally produced cement, the government uses 35 percent, commercial developers use 35 percent and individual-level small buyers use the rest.

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