Denmark: an island for wind energy

The Danish climate and energy ministers said that Denmark is pursuing to built some artificial islands surrounded by offshore wind turbines with a capacity of 10 gigawatts, capable of supplying up to 10 million household.

The country has the highest level in Europe of energy from wind power, and produced 41% of its energy.

The capacity of this new area would be five times higher than Denmark’s current wind power output.

The ministry has allocated 65m kroner from its 2020 budget to research into storing and converting the energy coming into the new wind park to renewable hydrogen, since the power it generates will not all be used by Denmark’s 6 million inhabitants.

Eight of the 10 parties in the Danish parliament agreed a new climate act, which besides setting tough new emission targets and instituting a stringent control mechanism obliges the government to present definite projects each year to decarbonise every sector, from energy to transport to agriculture.

Galbiati Group performs custom mechanical processing for the production of wind energy plants worldwide: boring, milling and drilling of components for wind turbines (frames, blade port hubs, rotors and stators).

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