Lanzarote: a new wind energy farm

A new wind energy farm will be install in Lanzarote. There will be 4 wind turbines with a power of 9,2MW.

Elecnor, the Spanish energy and telecommunications group, has been awarded a contract with Sociedad Insular de Aguas de Lanzarote S.A. (INALSA), for the construction of the Arrecife Wind Farm for 11 million euros.

The contract includes the supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of 4 Enercon wind turbines of the E-70 model.

The new wind installation will be located in the center of the island, in an area knows as El Monte, in the municipal termes of San Bartolomè and Arrecife. The energy produced will be delivered at the Callejones substation in San Bartolomè.

The construction of the Park, which has an execution period of 10 months, is part of the projects that the Lanzarote Water Consortium and it is developing on the island thanks to the cofinancing from the European Regional Development Fund and has the collaboration of the Institute for Diversification and Energy Saving (IDAE).

The objective of these projects is to promote a cleaner and more sustainable economy on the Island.

Galbiati Group performs custom mechanical processing for the production of wind energy plants worldwide: boring, milling and drilling of components for wind turbines (frames, blade port hubs, rotors and stators).

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